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Paul, London

Professor of Physiotherapy Graham Smith (not Usain Bolt!).

Judith, London

Having struggled with the standard aluminium NHS crutches for a week, the Millennial Medical In-motion crutches were a major improvement. The springs in their feet made walking longer distances achievable and much less tiring.

I had also been struggling with blisters and pain in my hands from the NHS crutches. The ergonomic handles of the In-Motion Forearm crutches significantly reduced the impact, and were much more comfortable. This was particularly welcome, as I make my living with my hands by playing the guitar.

If you're facing the prospect of more than 2 weeks on crutches (and I've been on them over 6!), I would highly recommend them.

Paul, London, professional musician

These (underarm crutches) are the best crutches ever. After two hip replacements, and one revision, I’m about to have another revision. I gave my last lot of these crutches away thinking I wouldn’t need them again, so much for that!  I was in the US at the time, so I’m delighted to be able to find them here in the UK.

Sheena R., Scotland

It's not just athletes who use our crutches